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West Cliff Theatre, Clacton On Sea, Essex

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The Irish"- a Riverdance type scene with tap dance from the dancers. Green/ o/w wash with green/yellow breakups on stage
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Scene from the Abba Medley

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Fernando from Abba medley with two principles singing the song.

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Faille lineup:
Vince, Vicky, Mathew, Jo, Andre Paul Gaffney, Dotty Wayne, (Richard Gauntlette- in white suit), Martina, Andy Flemming, Lauren, Kevin, Natasha

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Show Preset and a few people from the auditorium

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During production week, when plotting the show

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Me on cans...

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Me during a show on cans

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The Racks

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The Crew:
Rob (The EX Follow spot op!), Luck Mellow (Stage Manager), Ed Pennie (Lx technician), Mike (Stage hand)
Back row: Dave (Sound technician), Kevin (Stage hand)

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Me on my desk before the show!



West Cliff Theatre, Clacton On Sea, Essex
Date: 2003
Kit used: 2X Art 2000 Dimmers and a Pearl 2000 console.
Fixtures: Rig: Sil 30's, 264's, CromaQ scrollers, and various frenel lights
Photos by: Ed Pennie 
LD: Ed Pennie 

Many thanks to Ed Pennie  who sent in this item.

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