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Taken - Warfield Theatre, San Francisco Dec 2002

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Here are some photos of the Taken @ the Warfield theatre in San Francisco last Dec. during the Paul Oakenfold North American tour.

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Warfield theatre in San Francisco
Date: Dec 2002
Tour: Paul Oakenfold North American Tour
Kit used: Pearl 2000
Fixtures: 12 HES Cyberlights, 8 HES Studio Colors, 6 HES Stidio Spots, 12 HES Data Flash, 6 Mini Moles and 2 wildfire UV
Photos by: Eric McCallister
LD: Anthony"T-Man" Trovato

Many thanks to Anthony"T-Man" Trovato who sent in this item.

The band:
Paul Oakenfold DJ
John Tonks Drums/Electronics
Tim Hutton Guitars/Electronics

The Staff:
Mike Kelly Tour Manager
Stephen Gagnon Production Manager
Anthony"T-Man" Trovato Lighting Designer
Robert Jibson Lighting Tech
Chris Mitchell Video Tech
Jordon Henrion House Audio
Ed Ehrbar Monitors
Eric McCallister Audio Tech
Matt Cox Backline
Skully Backline
Brent "Palace" Sulway Swag

A special thanks goes out to Russ Armentrout Performance Lighting Inc., Tom Arco Eighth Day Sound, Bob Higgins XL Touring Video, John Fairs TCP International, Gerry Gerrard, Mickey Jackson and Hernan Catteneo Thanks Everyone for a great tour

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