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Sno-Core 2001

The photos below were taken at Burlington in Vermount.
The first one shows Les Claypools Flying Frog Brigade in action
whilst the second is of Galactic.
An Avolites Pearl 2000 was used as the control desk for both acts.

Galactic in action

Les Claypools Flying Frog Brigade in action


Kit used: Pearl 2000
Fixtures: 7studiospots 250,16 bars of ACLs,8 pars 64s w/colorchangers,2 fourlites,8 par 64s for DS wash,1 DF50,1 Star drop,4 -curve truss,4- 61in. truss,1-CEA 36way VX dimmers rak..
LD: Raymond Werthmann
Lighting company: Theatrical Media Services(Omaha,Ne.)
Photo's taken by Raymond Werthmann

Many thanks to Raymond Werthmann who sent in this item.

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