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Slinky World Tour 2002

Major world club label Slinky performed in Melbourne over Queens Birthday Weekend in early June to a full house at Vodaphone Arena.

ULA's own Luke Hall, designed the lighting which featured a host of  fixtures in a rig controlled by an Avolites Pearl 2000

DJ's performing included such well known names as Kasey Taylor, Sharpe Boys, Guy Ordanel, Steve Thomas and Sean Quinn.

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JUNE 2002
Date: Melbourne Park, Australia
Kit used: Pear 2000
Fixtures: 5 x X.SPOT HO, 16 x CF1200 WASH, 12 X CF7HE, 12 x MH-660
Production Company: Intec Systems
Gear Supplied by: Clifton Productions
Production Chief: Andrew Stanley
LD: Luke Hall
3D Visualisations: Anthony Petruzio

Many thanks to Luke Hall who sent in this item.

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