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Thueringia Grammy for New Generation Band's

Thueringia New Generation Honor organized by the Thueringia Rock Federation.
Of over 100 groups, are the best 5 throug preselection selected.
And at the end of the year, the best Band can win a Contract. 

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Thüringenhalle (Thueringiahall), Erfurt, Germany
Date: 01 November 2003
Tour: Thueringia Grammy for New Generation Band's. 
Kit used: Pearl 2000 
Fixtures: Mac 500, Stage Zoom 1200, GoldenScan 3, SuperScanZoom, Par64 Line, 1kW Arri, Aircraft-Sets Lines, 4er Blinder 
Photos by: Mario Erdenberger
LD: Benjamin Erdenberger 

Many thanks to Benjamin Erdenberger  who sent in this item.

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