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Rehaan - the new kid on the Avo block!!

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The following photos were taken on on Feb 27th 2003 in Goa
 during a corporate event for Tata Steel.
The venue was right on the beach as was the gala dinner
to end a three day Dealer meeting.
As you probably know, Goa is like India's answer to Ibiza.
That accounts for Rehaan's tan. (or at least as much of one as his mother will allow!)

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Here is Rehaan Pocha in action - he's all of 14 months. He managed to clamber up there all by himself and already knows what faders and wheels do.


rehaan-1.jpg (46124 bytes)
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rehaan-3.jpg (38098 bytes)
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Don't touch yet dad- I'm getting there!

rehaan-6.jpg (38630 bytes)
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The SWOP function is the favourite. All those little red lights come on!



Goa, India
Date: Feb 27th 2003
Tour: Corporate event for Tata Steel
Kit used: Pearl 2000
Photos by: Viraaf Pocha
LD: Rehaan

Many thanks to Viraaf Pocha  who sent in this item.

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