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Colin Raye - USA 2003

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Greetings from Idaho
This fall we had country artist Colin Raye here in our stadium. They were carrying their own Azure desk. Oasis Stage Werks of Salt Lake City, Utah provided the Stage Line SL320 Stage Van and the lighting. It was a basic 120k rig with some ACL bars, but we got a nice shot or two with the Azure and the stage. We love Avo’s here at BYU Idaho.

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BYU Idaho Viking Stadium, USA
Date: September 18, 2003
Tour: Colin Raye in Concert
Kit used: Azure 2000
Fixtures: 120 Par 64, 6 ACL Bars, 4 Super Troupers, Stage Line SL320 Stage Van
Photos by:  
LD: Unknown

Many thanks to Jay McGregor who sent in this item.

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