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Peter Pan at the Royal National Theatre, UK

The Avolites Pearl 2000 and Azure 2000 were used to control 'Tinkerbell' - the first time that a lighting desk has been entirely responsible for a character in a theatrical production!!

The image of 'Tinkerbell' was created by using two gobos, one static, and one turning slowly behind it.
With the sound to light capabilities of the Avolites desk, we were able to make the high frequencies of her voice turn the rotating gobo faster and in the opposite direction, and the low frequencies slightly alter the focus, thus giving amazing 'animation' to what would otherwise have just been a blob of light whizzing around the stage.

This coupled with the amazing accuracy of position plotting meant that incredibly complex journeys could be programmed, even landing in Peter's hands.

The 'Tracking' system on the Avo Tablet also made it possible to take over and 'steer' Tinkerbell manually, a function that got us out of trouble on many occasions when the set ended up in the wrong place, or the fixture got moved! I don't know of any other control desks that would have allowed us to do that!

The show was programmed by Steve Parkinson initially on a Pearl 2000, then Steve Barnett transferred it to an Azure 2000.

The Scotsman said "Tinkerbell, a dizzy speck of light that zaps around the auditorium, cursing colourfully, is quite the best fairy I have yet seen"


Royal National Theatre UK
Dates: Xmas 1997 & Xmas 1998
Kit used: Azure 2000
Pearl 2000
Fixtures: Clay Paky Stage Scan 17
LD: David Hersey

Many thanks to Steve Barnett who sent in this item.

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