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MJF Lighting - New Zealand 2005

Stage Challenge 2005

You may know of it as The Rock Challenge or something similar. Its all part of the Global Rock Challenge. I toured with a Pearl 2000 for ease of use and been able to program quickly what each student was asking for, for there schools performance and been able to use one page of 15 playbacks for each school.

There is a couple of photos of what our set up was like in Wellington which we also used the Wireless DMX for. All the photos I have supplied are from the Wellington Event. There is picture of the desk with a performance, one of me (Blair McLaren), a couple pictures of the school's performance, a picture of a presentation ceremony at the end of the night, and the photo of the yellow and white beams from back of the stage was from the afternoon production meeting which we have (something which I operate for), includes a mosh pit session or just a big dance to keep them all hyped up and ready for the night. 

sc05-3.jpg (32486 bytes) sc05-4.jpg (44022 bytes)
sc05-1.jpg (72909 bytes) sc05-2.jpg (72665 bytes)
sc05-5.jpg (53393 bytes) sc05-6.jpg (53550 bytes)


Lions Function 2005

The three photos of the Lions functions was a function done is a hotel ballroom in Wellington New Zealand in July. Instead of running dmx cables from one side of the room to the other the wireless DMX was used. One of the photos which has the control area pictured shows the DMX Pod and also the desk which was been used (Avolites Azure). The pod is about half way long the desk. 

lions-2.jpg (82249 bytes) lions-3.jpg (74160 bytes)

The ART2000 Dimmers

Two pictures from the first job that we used them on, the one which has one of our Staff members is Steve Creasy and the other picture is just of the Dimmers.



New Zealand
Date: 2005
Tour: various - see above
Kit used: see above
Photos by:  
LD:  Blair McLaren

Many thanks to Blair McLaren who sent in this item.

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