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Mega Star Mania 2003

Here are some snap from my show which was held at the Air Canada center on 22nd June 2003. We have been on tour for the past month, having completed 15 shows, with only two shows left - one in Orlando and one in New Jersey

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Air Canada Center, Toronto, Canada.
Date: 22\06\03
Tour: Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Bobby Doel, Amisha Patel, Bipasa Basu.
Kit used: 2 Avo Pearl 2000
Fixtures: 24 cyber light, 24 varry lights, 3 laser,40 
acl.50 par can
Photos by: Louis Chu of Vertex Lighting
LD: Atul Sonpal (www.jagmagelectric co) , india

Many thanks to Atul Sonpalwho sent in this item.

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