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St. John's College Mayball 2003

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Acts included The Thrills, Mint Royale & The Herbalizer

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St. John's College, Cambridge, UK
Date: 17th June 2003
Tour: St. John's College Mayball
Kit used: 1 x Saphire 2000,
2 x Pearl 2004
1 x Art2000 48way
Fixtures: Architectural: 6 x Mac 2000 
Main Stage: 2 x Thomas Pixelline, 6 x Mac 300, 8 x Robe iSpot 575 
Dance Tent: 4 x Superscan, 4 x Mini ultrascan, Diversitronics 3Kw Strobe
Photos by: M Hornsby
LD: John Kendall

Many thanks to John Kendall who sent in this item.

Anagram Provided all production (Sound, Light, Power, Fireworks, Staging) for the St. John's college Mayball.

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