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Jan-Pieter Martens 2000.

Jan-Pieter Martens is a Belgian footballer.
Whilst playing for  Sk Sturm graz in december 1997, he met some Austrian
musicians and recorded a cd called "shining like a butterfly".
This concert in  Orpheum was to promote the release of his second cd. 
For further information on Jan-Pieter Martens, please
refer to his website at :- www.jan-pietermartens.com


Orpheum Graz, Austria
Date: 10 December 2000
Kit used: Avolites Pearl 2000
Fixtures: 72 Par Cans
12 Chroma-Q Colour changer
8 8Lite with Rainbow Colour changer
Photos by: Andrea G-Point Luef
Stage Design
Oliver Kern

Many thanks to Oliver Kern who sent in this item.

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