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Music, Light, Video and Fashion Performance of Lisa D

Hi here is Oli from the Orpheum in Graz again.
We had a Stage design like a half pipe. The models climbed down from a rig
which was 12 meters high and then went across a bar about 10 meters and climbed up
on a rig to the balcony.

For me, fashion, clothing has to do with the desire to jump out of the skin that has never been my own. From the very beginning coded by society - with regard to social status, sexual attractiveness, group affiliation -, this skin constitutes an interface between myself and my environment. It is the site of a continuous negotiation about how others want to see me and how I want to be seen, a stage where the drama of a society with its hopes and anxieties, its projections and repressions gets staged in its most updated form and in which I seek to prevail as a protagonist.

Therefore, as a fashion designer, I do not start from a model body, trying to shape and heighten it according to fixed aesthetic ideals, some ostensibly eternal criteria of beauty and elegance. Nor am I concerned with creating exclusive markers of distinguished taste, whether glamorous or minimalist. Rather, I am interested in the second skin as a crumple zone where different dress codes, role models, desires meet, communicate with each other, polemicize against each other, comment each other, etc. In this sense, I see my work as a kind of training for moderators. A type of moderator, however, who is less into moderating, smoothing over, mitigating things but who gets different opinions to clash, polemically exaggerates certain positions, asks provoking questions, and insinuates seemingly absurd connections, until the mixture starts to reveal meanings whose denial was the very purpose of the stylized individual figure.

Consequently, I perceive the gadgets I produce as interceptions and additions, as individually employable accessories for wresting some exciting new scenes from the incessant social drama of fashion. These additions cannot free the person wearing them from her or his alien skin, but they can extend this skin, turn it around, fold it, and equip it with predetermined breaking-points, so as to create a stretch of public space, in which you can face any encounter without having to amour yourself with role models.

Let's leave the clichés to the avatars of cyberspace..

From Lisa D's website


Orpheum Graz, Austria
Dates: 19th March 2001 -
22nd March 2001
Kit used: Pearl 2000 - 2 off
Fixtures: 110 Par Cans; 10 Chroma-Q Colour changer; 4 X 8-Lite Spot with Rainbow
Colour changer; 4 X 8-Lite Flod with Rainbow Colour changer; 6 Clay Paky
Super Scan Zoom; 6 Washlights Futurelight
Light Design: Oliver Kern and Rolf Schreiber
Video by Ann Muller
Music by Wolfgang Mitterer

Many thanks to Oliver Kern of Lightdesign who sent in this item.

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