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King Faisal International Prize 2003

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25th aniversery of the King Faisal international prize,
The King Faisal International Prize recognizes contributions of the highest distinction, which benefit developing and Islamic countries and humanity at large. The prize has erande the esteem of scientific and academic communities worldwide. 

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LD Nick Calthrop




Prince Sultan Hall, Al Faisaliah Tower
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date: March 8th 2003
Tour: King Faisal International Prize
Kit used: Pearl 2000
Fixtures: 140 Source 4's , 30 Mac 600 , 20 Mac 500 , 12 6 lamp bars , 10 2k profiles
Photos by: Ian Hill, HAV Productions
LD: Nick Calthrop

Many thanks to Mark Bowes, HAV Productions who sent in this item.

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