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Cuzco International Festival - Peru 2003

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This is the most important fest in Peru. Over 40,000 people in the crowd go to 
watch the mayor performers in all country and many international artists like :- 
laura pausini, mana, charly garcia, fito paez, franco devita, los prisioneros, etc.
The festival goes for its 13th edition this year in June.

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Jardin de la Cerveza - Cuzco - Peru
Date: jun 01 2003
Tour: fetstival internacional del cuzco
(cuzco´s international fest)
Kit used: 01 avo pearl 2004 for moving lites
01 avo pearl 2000 for conventionals
Fixtures: 12 studio color 575, 12 cyberlights, 18 intellabeams, 06 
mac2000, 03 studio due city color, 22 data flash af1000, 16 fresnels, 220 par 
cans 1k, 12 spot banks, 3 follow spots
Photos by: Gianfranco Di vitto
LD: Gianfranco di vitto

Many thanks to Gianfranco di vitto who sent in this item.

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