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Jackie Mullans Bar in Derry

Many thanks to Beverley Robinson for providing the following
pictures of the Jackie Mullans Bar based in Derry in the North of Ireland. 
It has a capacity circa 800 based on 3 floors with 36 Martin Fixtures including the Mac 2000, and of course The Azure 2000 Lighting Console, soon to be two when it is expanded.. 
It was St. Patrick's Day and the venue was filled to capacity with revelers indulging in Guinness and great music until the early hours. 

The Azure 2000 besides the funnel in the Jackie Mullans bar

Dave Murray proudly shows off his Avolites Azure 2000 console.


Jackie Mullans Bar, Derry
Date: 16th March 2001 - St. Patrick's Day
Kit used: Azure 2000
Fixtures: 36 Martin Fixtures including the Mac 2000

Many thanks to Beverley Robinson who sent in this item.

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