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Avo Workshop and Demonstration in India 2001

Avolites’ sales team members Steve Warren and Koy Neminathan have just returned from a highly successful workshop and demonstration mission in India.

The two day workshop, held at the King’s Banqueting Hall in Central Bombay, was a hands-on product awareness exercise aimed at increasing knowledge and enlightening existing and prospective owners about the many advantages of Avolites equipment, specifically Pearl 2000 consoles and Art dimmers.

The idea was initialised by Avolites’ Sales Director Steve Warren and organised with the help of Viraf Pocha of LIDE and Atul Sonpal of Jagmag Electric.

The workshop was attended by over 35 people from over 10 companies based in and around Bombay. Lighting designers, rental companies and a host of individuals linked directly to the burgeoning 'Bollywood' film industry (now the second largest film production market in the world) attended. 

Pearls are currently the most popular Avo console in India – their reputation for quality and reliability going before them. Apart from those for whom the Workshop was a first hands-on experience with the desk, it also offered a chance for more experienced users to gain and exchange cool programming tips. 

Alongside the three Pearls, Avolites arranged for assorted moving lights to run with each desk, and also had a Visualiser system to allow attendees to experiment and explore the consoles’ many capabilities. An Art 4000 dimmer module, owned by Benny Matthews of Super Rhythms was also supplied for the event. 

For Avolites, the Workshop also provided an invaluable insight into the special requirements of the Indian market, and the implications for their equipment. In India, lighting professionals are often working in environments where getting a stable and uninterrupted power supply can be a problem, and they also have their own specific connection needs 

Steve Warren says, “The response to our visit was tremendous. I think it was of great help in terms of support and also in developing our relationship with the Indian users “.

It was also worthwhile in commercial terms, paying off almost immediately with several sales confirmed at the PALA show in Singapore as a direct result of the Indian trip.

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Railway Station in Bombay


india12.jpg (63245 bytes)
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Railway Station in Bombay


india07.jpg (57692 bytes)
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Koy and Kamal 


india08.jpg (44286 bytes)
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Koy and Steve in rickshaw


india09.jpg (82619 bytes)
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Steve and pig! 


india05.jpg (58052 bytes)
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Kamal,  Harold and Steve


india01.jpg (35195 bytes)
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Right - Viraf Pocha of LIDE 
Left - Harold Fernandes of Wizcraft 


india02.jpg (55833 bytes)
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Avolites’ Steve Warren in full from during
 demo on a Pearl console


india13.jpg (74392 bytes)
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Atul and LD at set of Film City 


india14.jpg (75090 bytes)
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Atul on set with his Pearl 


india15.jpg (67492 bytes)
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Atul at Jagmag with Ujjal Kar


india16.jpg (66189 bytes)
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 Koy & Steve with Chetan Merchant from
 Famous Light & Sound at his warehouse.


india17.jpg (44260 bytes)
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india19.jpg (52391 bytes)
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Badboy Koy with loads of dosh


india20.jpg (46193 bytes)
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Steve completes another successful deal


india21.jpg (69337 bytes)
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Dinner with LIDE


india22.jpg (63376 bytes)
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Koy, Ronie Musa (Audio Drego) and Steve


india23.jpg (57132 bytes)
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Kamal and Atul on set


india24.jpg (54800 bytes)
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Atul of Jagmag Electric


india25.jpg (66685 bytes)
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Kamal and Francis at SS Lights


india26.jpg (77758 bytes)
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Steve and Koy at SS Lights


india27.jpg (63876 bytes)
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Steve demos the Pearl 


india28.jpg (51468 bytes)
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Steve Warren and Atul at Jagmag 


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Kamal, Harold and Gem


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Fantastic bamboo scaffolding  


King’s Banqueting Hall, India
Date: 18th - 25th June 2001
Event: Workshop and Demonstration in India 2001
Kit used: Pearl 2000
ART 2000 Dimmers
Photos by: Avolites 

Many thanks to Steve and Koy for this item.

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