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Q-Dance : HouseQlassics 2002

HouseQlassics reflects the complete spectrum of true Dutch Gabber and international Hard House, with the original old-style and new-style DJ's. You really have to digg this music in one way or another in order to survive an entire night in this mayhem of pounding beats and soaring 'hoover' synth riffs...
This edition featured:
DJ Delirium (Praying Mantis, USA), Live: Cherry Moon Trax (Bonzai, Belgium), Frank de Wulf (R&S Records, Belgium), Darkraver (Pussylounge), Paul Jay (Tom-Tom Club), Re-Quez (Houseqlassics Resident), Jeroen Flamman (Fierce Ruling Diva, Holland), DJ BMC, Beastyboy & DaVinci, Voodoo Child, Champ-e-on en MC Ruffian.

A massive lighting rig was incorporated for this fourth edition of the event and luckily the Q-Dance crew have a good photographer, who made these outstanding photo's. This is a small selection that gives a pretty good impression of the complete lighting set. The rest of the pictures can be found on www.q-dance.nl.

All intelligent lights were programmed and operated on a Avolites Diamond III by Alex Boonstra (me) and Mart Moon


Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date: 14-09-2002
Tour: Q-Dance : HouseQlassics
Kit used: Diamond III
Fixtures: 5 x Mac 2000
26 x Mac 500
48 x Mac 600
12 x Mac 300
16 x PatentLight
8 x Atomic 3000
Photos by: www.q-dance.nl
LD: Alex Boonstra & Mart Moon, Charly & Volkert

Many thanks to Alex Boonstra - Lx AudioVisuals who sent in this item.

Lightplan, concept, rigging and rentals by E&W Events
Photo's courtesy of Q-Dance

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