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Extrema - Forward - The Netherlands 2002

Extrema is in it's 10th year running as one of the best dutch dance promotors in music/atmosphere quality. They've succeded in capturing their own kind of audience and that is well felt in the openness and warmth of the crowd.
Forward brings quality house music from the warm, dutch progressive sound of Tiesto to the pumping UK underground techno of Dave Clarke.

All lighting and rigging equipment supplied by Rombouts Showequipment.

Lighting rig programmed and operated by Alex Boonstra - Lx AudioVisuals on a Pearl 2000.

Visuals by Photonic
Projections by Judokus


Beursgebouw Eindhoven - The Netherlands 
Date: October 5th 2002
Tour: Extrema - Forward 2002
Kit used: Pearl 2000
Fixtures: 12x Mac 500
10x Mac 600
6x 2500W CityColor
8x Pro-400
7x ColorClip
Photos by: Various Photographers
LD: Alex Boonstra - Lx AudioVisuals

Many thanks to Alex Boonstra - Lx AudioVisuals who sent in this item.

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