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Bollywood Filmfare Award Nite - India 2004

The Award Night of utmost and of immense significance was held on 21st of Feb 2004 at Bandra Kurla Complex. 
None other than Atul Sonpal designed & operator the glittering lights and the marvellous set was designed by Nitin Desai.
Kareena gave an outstanding performance by giving a tribute to her sister Karishma. Saif and king Badshah khan drew the whole crowd with uncontrollable laughter. Urmila in red performed for Bhoot. Shaimak Dawar choreographed all the acts

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Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, India
Date: 21st February 2004
Tour: Bollywood Filmfare Award Nite
Kit used: 1 - Avo Diamond Desk
2 - Pearl 2000 Console
Fixtures: 400 Par cans, 32 Robe Spot, 32 Scans, 24 Mac 600, etc
Photos by: Amit Tanna
LD: Atul Sonpal

Many thanks to Jagmag Electric Co. who sent in this item.

Equipment supplied by Stage Gear, Mumbai

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