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Christmas fairy tale "Dornröschen"

Annual Christmas Fairy Tale, in a little Dance School in Erfurt.
Over 100 children saw what they have learn, in the previous year.
It's a little production, with lots of joy and fun. Every people, which work there, see the little smiling faces of the children, and this motivated for the next year.

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Private Dance School Erfurt , Germany/Thuringia
Date: 09.02.2004-11.02.2004
Tour: Christmas fairy tale "Dornröschen" 
Kit used: Pearl 2000
Fixtures: 1x Pearl 2000
1x ADB Cantor
6x Profile 1kW
6x Stages lense 1kW
6x Spot lense 1kW
4x Stage Color 300
2x Mac 500
2x Par64 line
3x 1kW Arri
2x 300W Arri
and many Small Stuff, like surfaces light on the top, "Dedo"-case and so on. 
Photos by: Benjamin Erdenberger
LD: Mario Erdenberger and Benjamin Erdenberger

Many thanks to Benjamin Erdenberger who sent in this item.

Lighting Designer: Mario Erdenberger and Benjamin Erdenberger
Lighting Operator: Mario Erdenberger or Benjamin Erdenberger
Technik Crew: Dirk Zebunke, Ralph Wurzler and many others.
Dance Teacher/Leader: Martina Erdenberger and Heike Bischur

First Performance Dates:
13.12.2003 to 21.12.2003 = 14 times performed
Again Performance Dates
09.02.2004 to 11.02.2004 = 4 times perfomed

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