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Zdravko Colic Tour 2001

The following item was sent in by Bob Veckalov of Full Power Corporation.

For the first time in over 20 years, the city of Belgrade was able to stage a stadium concert.
The last gig, in 1978, by Zdravko Colic was staged at the Marakana Stadium, home of Red Star Belgrade Football Club. That time the stage was erected in the athletics lane of the stadium which meant that the audience could only be seated in the Western grandstand.

However, this time Zdravko Colic insisted that the audience be allowed onto the playing area of the football pitch. The organisers were then faced with the difficult task of persuading the director of the stadium that the pitch would be unharmed after the concert.

This was the first tour through the former territory of Yugoslavia in over 10 years.
The gigs were spread over a four week period and held in the following places :-
Podgorica in Montenegro
Sarajevo in Bosnia
Ljubljana in Slovenia
Zagreb in Croatia
Belgrade in Yugoslavia

BIGGEST EVER gig, held on the territories of the former Yugoslav republics, took place in Belgrade stadium Marakana, in June, 31st, 2001.

The preparation for the concert began in February, 2001 by collecting the foreign quotations for the technical realization of the concert. It included covering the field, the roof system, PA and lighting systems and special effects and firework.

Aluminium roof system 18m wide, 17m deep and 12m high was the base for lighting and scenography. JBL HLA hang on two additional side wings 8,5m wide and 3m deep. All this required 14 pieces of 1 ton Verlinde Stage Makers, 2 pieces of 2 tons and 4 CMLoadstar of 1 ton.

Avolites Pearl 2000 controlled 8 x SGM scanners Galileo II, 
8 x SGM Scanner Galileo IV, 10 x moving heads SGM Giotto Wash 1200, 10 x SGM Giotto Spots 1200 and 6 x Space Cannons Ireos Pro (7kW). The Second Avolites, Sapphire 97 controlled 340 x Par 64, ACL's, 16 x 8 Lite blinders, 12 pcs color changers for 8-lite blinders, 2 x Desisti 2,5kW HMI fresnels with shutters and 2 SGM's Newton follow spots from back truss. Martin Case, as the third controller operated on 20x Studio Due Live Pro 1200. 3 Super Trooper followspots 2kW Xenon were used from the front side

Covering the field, complete staging, wedges, firework, a detailed electricity proposal, the estimation of the stage and trussing static, carrying the equipment from 15 trucks through the stadium tunel by using tractors and forklifts.....

This is only a small part of what the preparation and the realization of the concert consisted of. The concert itself will be remembered as the biggest ever in this part of the world...in all aspects of the job. 

There are some new challenges still to come and we will be glad to have a showdown with them ...

This was the biggest ever gig (over 75,000 people) in terms of spectators as well as technical specification.
The whole show was also directly broadcasted by BK TV (biggest private TV station) and JRT- Yugoslav National TV as well as the Radio Network.  All local newspapers also covered this big event with pictures from the show. All in all, it was something of a national event.

An Avolites Pearl 2000 was used to control the following fixtures:-
8 pcs Galileos II and 8 pcs Galileo IV, 10 pcs of Giotto Wash 1200 and 10 Pcs of Giotto Spots 1200, 6 pcs of Space Cannons Ireos Pro
Another Avolites Sapphire 96 was used to control the following generics :-
340 Par's, ACL's, 8 Lite blinders for audience and 8 pcs with color changers for stage, few Desisti 2,5kW HMI with shutters as front light plus 2 SGM's Newton follow sport located on a chair at a back truss
Lighting design was created using the Avolites Visualiser by Bob Veckalov

Bob Veckalov
Studio Berar
Braće Ribnikar 24
21000 Novi Sad

tel: +381 21 614 711
tel/ fax: +381 21 622 695

e-mail: info@studioberar.com
web: www.studioberar.com

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