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Claremont Carnival 2000

Claremont Carnival is a themed event put on by the National Trust at the
18th century Claremont Landscape Gardens.
Last years event had a world theme and there were many different areas and stages
set out in the ground of the gardens, each depicting a different area of the world.
All site lighting, stage lighting and power distribution was supplied by Pearce Hire.

Claremont Carnival 2000

Claremont Carnival 2000


Claremont Landscape Gardens, Surrey, United Kingdom
Date: 14th - 16th July 2000
Kit used: Avolites Pearl
Fixtures: Futurelight MH-660's
Futurelight SC-780's
48k Pars, Studio Due Mini City's
Studio Due City Colour's
Studio Due City Beam's
Coemar Panorama
LD/Operator: John Huson
Light & Power: Pearce Hire
Photo's taken by Coe-Tech

Many thanks to John Huson who sent in this item.

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