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British Council High School Opera Festival

A 2 week session of master classes in Acting, Light design, Sound design, Costumes & Set Design for High School kids followed by 5 days of opera based on their own creations

Click on the pictures to see a larger one

birla-03.jpg (65206 bytes)
School girls doing some serious plotting for their own plays.

birla-02.jpg (67180 bytes)
High school girls learn to use the Pearl 2000 along with the Graphics Tablet & Visualiser. 

birla-05.jpg (63314 bytes)
Mixing different shapes turned out to be great fun for the kids. And of course the GT! 

birla-04.jpg (53466 bytes)
More plotting under way!! 

birla-01.jpg (51083 bytes)
The young LD's were thrilled with some of their visual efforts. 

birla-06.jpg (55971 bytes)
A future director gives a future LD a plot brief.


G.D.Birla Auditorium, India
Date: 20th July to 4th August 2002
Tour: British Council High School Opera Festival
Kit used: Pearl2000 Tour
Fixtures: 10 x PAR64, 15 x PCs, 15 x Fresnels, 12 x Cyc Floods, 
4 x CyberCX , 4 x Martin PRO518, 4 x SGM Giotto MH,
1 x Martin Atomic Strobe 
Photos by: Ujjal Kar
LD: 15 very enthusiastic young girls & boys

Many thanks to Ujjal Kar who sent in this item.

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