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Let's spend the night together
 Benefit concert in Austria.

This was as benefit concert with 24 famous Austrian acts from cabaret to rock music.
 An AVOLITES Sapphire 2000 was used to control all conventional lights.
An AVOLITES Pearl 2000 was used to control all the moving lights whilst an
AVOLITES Pearl 1000 was exclusively used for the SMOKE machine.
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benefit02.jpg (47043 bytes)
benefit03.jpg (37167 bytes) benefit04.jpg (40115 bytes)
benefit05.jpg (44918 bytes) benefit06.jpg (62294 bytes)
benefit07.jpg (42145 bytes) benefit08.jpg (31968 bytes)
benefit09.jpg (35041 bytes) benefit10.jpg (30077 bytes)


www.orpheumgraz.com, Austria
Date: 21st December 2001
Tour: Let's spend the night together
Kit used: AVOLITES Saphire 2000
AVOLITES Pearl 2000
AVOLITES Pearl 1000 
2 AVOLITES DMX splitter
Fixtures: 132 Par cans; 9 ACL sets; 8 eight lights +cc...
7 Mac 600, 6 Clay Paky super zoom; 6 future light 640
Photo's taken by: futgrunzer
Photos by: Futgrunzer
LD: Oliver Kern and RöRü Schreiber

Many thanks to Oliver Kern who sent in this item.

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