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Autosport International 2004 - Birmingham NEC

All in all one of the biggest gigs I have worked on. 
The truss was 150 meters by 30m as an indication of scale.
The show was presented by the BBC's Tiff Needel and showcased many different types of sports cars including F1 Stockcars , RAC rally cars and even robin reliant racing.
4 Shows a day , 5000 people per show were impressed by this huge lighting rig that was described as a great rave with racing cars underneath !

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Lighting Programmer and Operator - Paddy Sollitt



Birmingham NEC, UK
Date: 2004
Tour: Autosport International 2004
Kit used: Avo Diamond 3 ( Supplied by LSD)
Avo Pearl 2000
Art 4000 (60 Chan)(Supplied by HSL)
Art 2000 (24Chan))(Supplied by HSL)
Avo DMX Splliters)(Supplied by HSL)
Fixtures: Other Kit Used supplied by HSL.
30 Mac 2000
66 Mac 600
8 Mac 500
12 Thomas Pixel Line 1044
2 city colors
2 Martin Atomik 3k's
40 1k Codas
40 2ks
Photos by: -- 
LD: Paddy Sollitt

Many thanks to Paddy Sollitt who sent in this item.
Lighting Chief - Robert Griffen AKA. Griff

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