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Steven Douglas - Lighting Designer 

Contact Details

Address Ireland
Tel (353) 868622881
Email sdp@iol.ie

Steven Douglas - a brief history
Featured Avo LD - May 2007


How did you start in the business?
I started working in amateur theatre at 16 and got my first music gig with some local bands around Dublin when I was 18

What attracted you to it?
I grew up going to as many gigs a week as I could just because I loved music. Lighting always appealed to me

What was your first professional LD show and what did it involve kit wise?
Besides doing theatre shows and working in house at various venues, my first design was for a band called Relish with 12 MAC 250s and a Pearl

When did you start using Avo products?
When I started working in house at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin in 1998 - they had 2 consoles. One for theatre and another for music. I just started coming in early and teaching myself the basics of moving lights and programming on Pearl 2000.

What’s your most challenging/demanding project to date - and why
Every show has its own challenges and demands but I would have to say that working with Kane West was a challenge in that he is very particular and demanding, but he knows what he wants and that’s always a good thing.

He also demands perfection from every show and that pushes you to be right on the money all the time which only makes you better in the end. It was a challenge because it made me think in different ways about programming and designing and how I would naturally look at things in terms of lighting a show.

What was/is the most challenging aspect of the recent Killers tour
The most challenging aspect was trying to make a show that would work for the first 2,000 people in an arena so that it wouldn’t distract from the band and also work from the back row of the balcony without any Video or I-mag support and still tie into the general theme of the design brief I received from the band.

What were the last 2 albums you downloaded or bought?
Solarcade - This Beautiful Demon
Rufus Wainwright - Release The Stars

Who would you most like to see live?

Who/what would you most like to light?
R.E.M., Rufus Wainwright or maybe a Broadway musical

What advice would you would give to an aspiring young Steve Douglas
There is such a thing as too much Jagermeister!!!

Always do as good a job as you can, be it a headline band at a arena or first on the new bands stage at midday Sunday on a festival as you never know who
Will end up where,,,, and the Jager thing again!!!!

Steven Douglas - Curriculum Vitae

Portfolio Arctic Monkeys
Kanye West
Turin Brakes
James Taylor
We Are Scientists
The Killers
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