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Avolites at the Rio Carnival 2004
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Avolites’ Brazilian distributor, Sao Paolo-based LPL Lighting, supplied lighting and control for illuminating the main parade avenue – the Sambodromo - of the Rio Carnival 2004 – the best known street festival in the world. Carnival sees the Brazilian capital explode for 4 days with colour, flamboyance, extravagance, elaborate costumes and wild party spirits.

LPL’s Cesio Lima asked Chris Steel from the Avolites UK sales office to join them in lighting the festivities, and to help programme the three Pearl desks used to control lighting along the Sambodromo, and also to set up Avo’s new eDMX wireless DMX system, which was used extensively for the first time in South America.

“It was an absolutely ideal opportunity to put the eDMX through its paces” states Steel, as they needed to communicate between one Pearl and 140 Space Cannons located on 4 different towers along the street.

The three Pearls were controlling an impressive total of fixtures between them – 140 Space Canons, 180 Focus wash lights and hundreds of PARs covering the length of the Sambodromo – illuminating both the stands holding 70,000 plus audiences and the performers.

The central lighting control platform was stationed on one of the broadcast platforms above the audience, and the four Space Canon towers were each approx. 50 metres apart, with the nearest one about 100 metres from the control position.

The eDMX transmitters were placed in the dimmer area, with receivers at the base of each tower, streaming DMX up to the fixtures. “We’d have been hard pushed to control this gig so efficiently without eDMX” says Steel, adding that it poured with rain for much of the 10 day period covering the set up and 4 show days, but the eDMX proved 100 per cent reliable throughout.

The LPL crew of 20 were joined by another six from Space Canon Italy. The shows were also broadcast live to millions throughout Latin America.

All pictures courtesy of Chris Steel

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Date of issue : 19th April 2004

This press release was issued by Louise Stickland for Avolites Ltd.
For more press info and photos, please call Louise on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘louise@loosplat.com’.